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Astronomical or Space Stock Art:

Browse dozens of stock images of planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and spacecraft. Editors, art directors and educators alike will find great tools here. Just click on the planet you need and you'll travel to paintings of the subject.

Cosmic Comparisons:

See the Earth compared to other planets and moons, and compare our sun to other stars in this dramatic visual journey! Teachers and other educators are encouraged to download the low-resolution images for use in the classroom. Photoresearchers, editors and art directors will find excellent tools for communicating cosmic relationships for print and broadcast.

Writing and Illustrating Children's Books:

Are you an aspiring writer or illustrator? Learn the tips to put your proposal on the top of the editor's pile! Here's a great guide for writing and illustrating books for a younger audience, but these tips are universal in the publishing industry.

Alien Volcanoes:

Through space paintings and words, tour the exploding volcanoes and soaring geysers of our solar system's planets and moons. From the upcoming book Alien Volcanoes by Michael Carroll and Rosaly Lopes (Johns Hopkins University Press, spring 2007).

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