Michael Carroll



            PAINTING:  Michael Carroll has been an astronomical,

science fiction and paleo artist for over two decades. He has

done work for NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His art

has appeared in several hundred magazines

throughout the world, including TIME, NATIONAL



ASTRONOMY NOW (UK). His paintings have aired on NOVA,

National Geographic’s EXPLORER and other TV specials, and

have covered numerous books, including works by Carl Sagan

and Arthur C. Clarke.  He has exhibited paintings at the

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, at Moscow’s Institute for

Space Research (IKI), the Fleet Science Center, the Wyoming

Geologic Museum, and has had traveling exhibits throughout the

world. Mike is a Fellow and founding member of the

International Association for the Astronomical Arts. He was one

of 7 North American space artists invited by the Space Research

Institute of the former USSR to attend the Space Future Forum in

Moscow (l987). While there, he helped to establish the

“Dialogues” project, a series of workshops and exhibitions

involving Soviet, American and European artists.  He

is a member of the NASA Arts Program, and documented

research during a U.S. Geological Survey expedition to the

Bering Glacier in Alaska. One of his original paintings flew

aboard MIR, and another is resting at the bottom of the Atlantic

aboard Russia’s ill-fated Mars 96 spacecraft. Murals include two

70-foot works for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science,

murals in Michigan, California, Nebraska, and for

Lockheed/Martin and the Planetary Society. He is also a member

of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and the Guild of

Natural Science Illustrators. Mike has painted in numerous

historic fossil quarry sites, and enjoys reconstructing ancient life

for museums and publications.

            Mike is the 2006 recipient of the Lucien Rudaux

Lifetime Award for contribution to the astronomical arts. Other

awards include the 2001 and 2002 Reader’s Choice award for

outstanding science fiction cover art, and the Tiny Tennies for

Meritorious Bungling.

            WRITING:  Mike is a science journalist, writing for such

magazines as Astronomy Now (UK), Popular Science,

Astronomy, Sky & Telescope, Odyssey, Sea Frontiers, and Artists

magazines. He co-authored and illustrated the book Visions of

the Revelation (Donning, l991). Mike and his wife, Caroline,

have coauthored nearly twenty children's books. The Exploring

God’s World series includes the Gold Medallion finalist

Dinosaurs and Exploring Ancient Cities (Cook, 2000 and

2001). They also wrote the highly popular science-themed

Absolutely Awesome devotionals (Tyndale). A book series

themed in parallel with the creation days of Genesis debuted in

2005(Zondervan), and covers topics ranging from space to

geology and biology. Mike organized and coauthored the science

fiction anthology Eat My Martian Dust, and is currently working

on Alien Volcanoes (Johns Hopkins University Press) and several

other titles for both adults and children.

            TEACHING:  Mike has lectured and taught classes in

public and private schools from kindergarten through adult level.

He has led numerous domestic and international workshops on

art, writing and astronomy, and has been a guest speaker and

teacher at many churches. He lives with his lovely wife,

Caroline, their 2.0 fine children, and a few seahorses in Littleton,